The 6 Series enters the model year 2014 this March

3 trims

  • Coupe
  • Gran Coupe
  • Convertible

2 Engines

  • N55
  • N63

Available in rear wheel drive or xDrive, which brings 12 combinations!

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While entering its model year 2014, the Z4 has been very slightly altered cosmetically speaking. Prices have also been increased mildly: US MSRP for the Z4 sDrive28i is $47,950 while the Z4 sDrive35i costs $55,950. The available equipment has been also retouched, with maybe the most significant change being the replacement of the Citrus Yellow Package with its new Hyper Orange version.

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The BMW X3 entered the model year 2014 last February. Prices are raised slightly compared to the MY2013: US MSRP is $39,600 for the X3 xDrive28i and $44,700 for the X3 xDrive35i.

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The new 2014 Model Year for the BMW X1 SAV enters production this March. Prices remain unchanged from the latest increase in January 2012.

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The M6 Coupe and Convertible enter their 2014 model year next march, and at the same time the Gran Coupe is added to the M6 line. US MSRP is $113,000

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The 2014 X6 xDrive 35i and 50i have been added to BmwConfig. The prices have not been increased as compared with their 2013 counterparts.

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No significant changes have been made to the MY 2014 X6M, starting production in Feb 2013. Price remain at $92,900.

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The 7 Series enters the model year 2013 this July. Prices are up, but the standard equipment has been enhanced, notably by adding:

Comfort Access system (322), Power front seats (459), Heated front seats (494),Rain sensor and auto headlight (521), Xenon headlights (522), Dynamic cruise control (544), Sirius Satelite radio with 1 year subscription (655).






740i Sedan




750i Sedan




750i xDrive Sedan




740Li Sedan




740Li xDrive Sedan




750Li Sedan




750Li xDrive Sedan




760Li Sedan




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The MY 2013 ActiveHybrid 3 combines the award-winning 3.0L TwinPower Turbo combustion N55 engine and an innovative electric drive.

  • All-electric operation up to 75 km/h (46 mph)
  • All-electric driving range up to ~2.5 miles
  • System output 340hp

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The Z4 entered its model year 2013 earlier this month with a pleasant surprise: Premium Package (ZPP) is now standard on the 3 trims, while Sport Seats (481) become standard on the Z4 sDrive35i and Z4 sDrive35is. Even though more equipped, the price remained unchanged on the Z4 sDrive35i and Z4 sDrive35is, while it was lowered on the Z4 sDrive28i.

The Z4 in its 35i and 35is trims is one of the few models to retain the twin turbo N54 engine as opposed to the more widely spread N55.




Z4 sDrive28i

 $ 48,650

 $ 47,350

Z4 sDrive35i

 $ 55,150

 $ 55,150

Z4 sDrive35is

 $ 64,200

 $ 64,200


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